Technology projects that will reshape our lives

Advanced web cameras that turn use faces as passwords, intelligent tail lights that can save lives and smart apps that offer a personalized shopping experience were just a few of the R&D projects showcased at the 11th Research@Intel event in San Francisco.

Developed by Intel Labs, these projects are a sample of advancements in technology that will soon reshape our daily lives.

Assessing cognitive overload

This is technology developed to track a driver's performance and to alert the driver in case of danger. It tracks where a driver is looking and measures brain activity, oxygen levels and heartbeat to monitor the driver's attentiveness. If it detects a loss of attention, it immediately alerts the driver.

Shelf-edge technology

Imagine a smartphone app that stores all your personal shopping experiences -- what kind of foods you like, a special product you're looking for or the foods that trigger an allergic reaction in you. When you walk into a supermarket, your phone connects with smart displays located on the store shelves, via Bluetooth, and displays personalized product information even before you ask for it.

Advanced data protection

In a world of infinite digital services such as emails, social networks, apps, bank accounts or location-based services, the protection of identity and financial information is vital. A compromised email account can easily turn into a nightmare. With a depth-of-field enabled 3D camera, this prototype turns faces into passwords to prevent software-based attacks on our digital accounts.

Intelligent everything

Imagine a graphical user interface that enables us to manage our home appliances, which are connected to each other via the Internet and smart sensors. In a house with the “Intelligent Everything” concept, when your morning alarm rings, the curtains can open automatically to let the sun in, you can turn on your music by just waving your hand and a web camera can receive contextual cues from a baby in a crib to alert the parents to anything needed, acting as an intelligent baby monitor.

Talking tail lights

Intelligent tail lights enable communication between vehicles. By receiving information from the tail lights of another, a scooter can stop or accelerate automatically. In this demo project, the scooters communicate with each other via a VLC FrontEnd board that talks to the tail light on one scooter and a photo diode with a 120-degree viewing angle on the other.

The Internet of Displays

The Internet of Displays eliminates the need for physical cables when we want to display video content. With this technology, any number of interconnected devices can display the same content, anywhere, without the need for long cables.

Data communities

In a world of big data, data agents that actively analyze data can connect us to the people or resources we need most. Mass data analysis can allow us to pick up the right present for a colleague, or air quality sensors can gather information about the hotspots of pollen in our neighborhood and alert us to a possible allergy attack.

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